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Background information about ring trials

Ring trials are conducted online at regular intervals and each effort only takes around 30-60
minutes for each participant to complete. As soon as a new ring trial is scheduled to take place all
registered participants will be informed by our newsletter. If you have not yet signed in and would like to participate in ring trials, please register yourself on the right hand side in the „sign up“ area.

To get more specific idea of ring trials you will find some examples here.

In general ring trials can be performed in regard of:
1. Handwriting signs
2. Personality traits

According to the three different groups of experts — graphologists (A), handwriting experts (B) and
grapho therapists (C) — the following ring trials could be possible for group A and B (only

A1: Analyzing different kinds of slant in handwritings
A2: Comparison between self-evaluated personality traits of a writer with the evaluation of the
same traits by a graphologist
A3: Determination of handwriting signs that indicate a defined personality trait
B1: Evaluation of tension in different handwriting examples
B2: Chronological organization of handwritings